For Classmates
in Memoriam.
See Senior Picture.


Richard Rogers and Valerie Vasbinder.

(I think this was the Jr. Prom.)

Karen Buchmann and ? Jr. Prom?
Glenn Nichols and Ma Judy Hamilton, Greg and Barb Uligan
John Braid and Ray Lanham
Forest White 1960 Prom
Bob Greenhalgh,Polly Meyers (now Mrs.Greenhalgh) Forest and Rada Youngblood
Kay and Jerry Jerome front porch
Linda Ryden and Richard Lamphere
Prom 1960 PCHS John Franklin, Katherine Beebe, George Gallogly, Claudia Rice, Charlie Hubbard, Sue Smith


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Cheerleader Training in Caseville, Michigan (I think)

Tommy Bogan, Ray Lanham, Helen Ramsdell,Fran Austin,Sharon Young.


Sharon Young was the Chef that weekend.
Time in the Sun
Sharon Young, Sandra Erwin, Mary Aughenbaugh,Dar Woodhull and Gary Newman. Was Gary having fun?......You bet!!
Jean Smith, Art Instructor and Cheerleader Sponsor


Post Prom Party at our Cottage on Lake Huron north of Lexington, Michigan. June 5th, 1960 Sorry, I can't remember all of the names, maybe you can help me identify some classmates.

Sue Sommerville
Ron Joyner & Gary Bramble
Jerry Jerome
Sue Sommerville
Mary Aughenbaugh
John Richman and Ned MacDonald
Phyllis Burt. Phyllis was learning how to play Croquette
Karen Buchmann & John Braid
Marthy Spark's Parents far left and right my Parents Betty and Ernie Newman Center

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Tom Tom Student Newspaper of Washington Junior High School June 12th, 1957

Homeroom 100


Doesn't look like Ken and Gary had it too bad back then..

Front row: Mary Aughenbaugh, Tommy Bogan, second semester captain Diane Pickford, Jundy Hinckley, Helen Ramsdell, Carole Hughes, Dar Woodhull.

Second row: Fran Austin, Jackie Mullin, Sharon Young, first semester captain Karen Oxley, Chief Ken Shaw, Princess Barb Strang, Donna Douglass, Mary Lou McLaughlin, Sally Hamilton, Gary Harnack Newman.