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This is the S.S. South American docked at Mackinac Island during our Senior Trip. Anybody remember the dates of the trip? How about the other schools on the trip with us? A few facts about the S.S. South American: It was 46 years old when we took the trip. 321 feet long and 47 feet wide. It was powered by a 2500 IHP Quadruple Expansion steam engine. Had three scotch marine boilers 14'x12' and a single propeller. It's passenger capacity was 521.



Can anyone give me all the names?


Fred Stark on Class Trip

Relaxing L to R: Kay Jerome, Gary Newman,Fred Stark,Phyllis Suhr. Great Group shot by Ma Hamilton

Great group shot by Ma Hamilton

Ned MacDonald trying to get the girls' attention. "Gee Ned, it doesn't look like they were interested.." Photo by Ma.

Carolyn Harrington, Judy Rouse, Barbara Bennett,Fred Stanley? Doug Roeser. Photo by Ma Hamilton

Bill Shirley,Martha Spark,Bob Osmun, and Ned MacDonald still trying to get someone's attention. Photo by Ma

This is the Fort on Mackinac Island. It's painted white now and they don't let you sit outside the windows anymore

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This picture was taken on Mackinac Island. The one in the hat was C. T. Forsman Assistant Principal the guy on the left getting the last morsel of fudge out of the box was our class entertainer Bruce Bishop. Anyone remember the impromptu show Bruce entertained us with one night on the ship?


This is a picture of Kay Jerome near the Grand Staircase on the S. S. South American.


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They still travel by horse and buggy on Mackinac Island. First row: The Driver or C. T. Forsman impersonating the driver. Second row: Deanna Bartenbaker? Emmy Lou Hardy?, Third row: Bob Osmun, Kay Jerome Fourth row: I need your help. I think Sally Austin was on the left.


Helmut Gaisbauer

Photo sent in by Judy Hunt-Goins


Sue Sommerville, Judy Hunt, Diane Bartenbaker, Betsy Seebald, Carolyn > Harrington, Judy Rouse

Sue Wood & Sally Austin

Photo sent in by Judy Hunt-Goins



Judy Dearing, Ted Gaensbauer & Richard Szeremet

Photo sent in by Judy Hunt-Goins


Sally Austin getting ready for the BIG dance.
Anyone have Senior Trip pictures please forward them to me by email or the old fashion way, U S Mail. I will promptly return all photos. Send them to Gary Newman P. O Box 465 Cedarburg Wi. 53012 or use the email address on the home page of our web site. Thank you in advance.